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Training Update: Week One

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Week one is in the books. Week one of twenty-four towards the goal of running an ultramarathon before my next birthday.

In truth, week one wasn’t anything different than a lot of weeks that came before it. I didn’t run more days than usual, a longer long run than usual, or more total miles. In fact, it didn’t even involve any speedwork, since I was feeling a little rough on the day I had targeted for it.

Screenshot 2014-12-15 21.06.16

Week One

Really, week one was base training with a number on it. I could do a twenty or even sixteen week training progression. But then? Then I’d be waiting. 

So week one it was. Two recovery days, a medium length day, a long run (that was pretty short on the long run spectrum), and one this-was-supposed-to-be-speedwork day.

December. Just in Time.


It didn’t even turn out that well…

The thing that actually made week one remarkable was the weather. In fact, if it hadn’t been week one, I don’t know that I would have made it out for thirty-six miles.

Man, I really don’t like running in winter rain. When I was younger and running with a good friend, we used to wait for days like that, just to go out and run in it, and then tell everyone that we had. The colder and wetter, the better.

No longer. In fact, this past week, I moved my runs around just to avoid it. Tuesday, not pictured in the weather snapshot here, was even worse than the days pictured. Thirty-five degrees and rain. Heavy rain. All day. So Wednesday’s easy run moved to Monday, a usual day off, and Tuesday’s mid-length run moved to Wednesday. Even on the days I did run, it meant watching the radar and hoping for a break in the weather when I wouldn’t become soaked through in minutes. It was exhausting before I even hit the pavement.

I know I can’t fight the weather all winter. I’ll be out in it wether I like it or not. Hopefully just not for all twenty-three of the remaining weeks in my schedule.

No weather talk next week. I promise…

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