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Training Update: Week Three


The best run of this week came at the very end. And despite my desire to run long, it was also the shortest run of the week; a mile-and-a-quarter to be exact. I had just returned from my Sunday recovery run when my seven-year old asked me to go for a run with him.

I love watching him run. He has beautiful form, such a still upper body and effortless gait. But perhaps I’m biased to see those things.

Anyway, we headed out in what was a cold drizzle. I asked him if he wanted to go a little bit farther than the nearly one mile loop we sometimes do; he laughed and skipped in response. So we ran to the Common and then halfway down one of the bigger hills leading up to the old town center. Of course, that then meant running back up the hill, which he did just as easily. And just like I wrote about myself last week, he was laughing a lot of the way.

Week Three: Week Three was a fun week. I wasn’t sure it was going to be as I watched the forecast. December has been warmer than usual in New England, but also much wetter and persistently overcast. It has felt like a twilight that lasted for weeks. My usual mid-week stretch was predicted to be wet, wet, wet. And, really, it was. But I’m really trying (borrowing from my Zen practice) to sink in to whatever the weather offers and have that be my run.

I found a few amazing runs in that rain; each day offered something different. On the Tuesday hills, I felt stronger than the week before, despite going just a little bit harder on the final repeats. On my Wednesday recovery run, I matched my fastest pace for a recovery run. I know pace isn’t the object on those runs, but it is exciting to see it rise as I keep my heart rate low–or even move it lower.

And then there was the Christmas Miracle run. I don’t believe in Christmas miracles, per se, but how else can I explain an 8:22 pace on an easy-effort run? Back before I started my low-heart rate (LHR) training, that’s the pace I would run at for a typical run, except then my heart rate then would have been anywhere from ten to fifteen beats higher. When I first started LHR training, my pace when keeping my heart rate under 139 was close to 10:00 minute miles. And now, at least for one run, 8:22. It is still hard to believe; I’m trying to avoid wishing I had discovered it sooner…

Screenshot 2014-12-29 10.29.28

The week ended with a long run of just over 16 miles, a new distance record for me post-hip surgery (April 2011). The best part, really, is that those 16 felt better than some of my 12 mile runs from a few months back, especially in how my knees and hips are dealing with the downhill pounding of the roads. In contrast to the mid-week runs, it was a gorgeous day with early morning sunshine following me for most of those miles.

Eats & Drinks: Nothing truly new and different this week. I did take Gatorade (yup, old school Gatorade) on my long run in case it’s my only option sometime in the future. What I am most anxious to try is Tailwind. I used it in Costa Rica and loved it; I’m hoping my local shop carries the larger sizes and I can get some in the next couple of weeks.

Milestones: A good week for milestones (all of which are post-April 2011, post-hip surgery):

  • Longest run: 16.3 miles
  • Longest time on my feet for a single run: 2:27:11
  • Most miles in a five day week: 41.7
  • And, of course, an all-time milestone, my longest run with my seven-year old boy: 1.24 miles

Next Week’s Targets: This coming week is a down week in my training plan, another milestone in resting. After ramping up each of the last three weeks, I’ll ratchet the mileage down by about 20%, shooting for 33 or 34 miles. This will be done by replacing the middle distance hill run on Tuesday with a vanilla 5 miles, and my bringing the long run on Saturday down to 12 miles. I can’t wait to see how strong I feel after that

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2 thoughts on “Training Update: Week Three

  1. Your weekly recaps are so great to read! Excited for how strong you are getting with LHR. I have also begun true easy runs into my running life and just find the quality to be amazing. I’m excited to watch the progress with time.


    • Thanks so much, that means a lot to me! I was a huge LHR skeptic for a very long time, and it cost me years of good running. But, as I said in the post, I’m trying not to look back. It’s working now…

      Thanks again for reading!


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