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Saturday Long & Sunday Too

One change I’ve been planning to make to my training in preparation for running an ultra (or two, or…) is switching my long run to Saturday. Because my long runs have always been on Sundays, and Mondays make a perfect rest day, this has meant always resting the day after going long.

In the grand scheme of things, maybe this is a good idea. But in training for an ultra, I need to build in more opportunities for running tired–which right now means running the day after my long run, and eventually means a few back-to-back long runs.

So it was that I set out Saturday in the early morning darkness. Getting ready for fourteen miles, I strapped on my hydration pack, headlamp, and some reflective gear and headed out. The morning was cold, dry, and quite still.

The hydration pack is new and another change. I’ve always done long runs, even up to twenty miles, without any hydration. Bad idea. But I always loathed carrying something in my hands, and well, something like a hydration pack is expensive. When I came into a gift card from my work colleagues last month, it seemed like time to step up.

But back to the run itself. I stopped here as the sun rose to stow away my headlamp and reflective bands (hydration pack bonus!).


Sometimes I’m jealous of people who live, and therefore run, in more interesting or exotic places, especially in the West. But as I look at this picture, I suppose I am quite lucky. And there is nothing except running that would get me out at sunrise on a Saturday morning, miles from home.

Saturday’s run had a fair bit more vertical, and therefore more downhill, than my usual routes. By ten or eleven miles in, I was really feeling it. Not in my quads where I expected to feel the downhill, but in my knees. They were trying to tell me they were forty-two years old, but I don’t think I wanted to hear it. Even so, they carried my up the last hill at a decent clip, as I let my heart rate rise for the final couple of miles.

And so Sunday came. It wasn’t exactly a B2B, but I went out there for five miles, which is five more miles than I’d run after a long day in the last twelve years or more. Physically, it didn’t feel great. My knees were declaring their age a bit more loudly, and so it was mostly about putting in the miles and building the habit.

In fact, if running long in this way is all about mental training, I’d have to say it was my best day in a long time.