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Training Update: Week Eleven [Or: 21 miles @ 11 degrees]

You know those deep winter days when you are thankful for the sun…even though it doesn’t really warm you at all?

This is all about one run.

There are two weeks to write about, but it really comes down to one run.

As we’ve headed into late winter, our family schedule has begun to get complicated. Without going into tedious detail, there are several weekends on the calendar when I simply can’t do a long run.

The windows for running on a few of these weekends aren’t much longer than an hour, unless I go late, late at night. Which isn’t going to to happen; the roads are barely safe during the day with all the accumulated snow and ice.

So as my plan for long runs reached toward my twenty one miler, I realized that it fell on one of our no-go weekends. Which meant shifting that Saturday run to a Friday. This isn’t really an issue for work, since I work for the greatest company on the planet to work for.

But as I watched the ten day forecast in this winter of never ending snow and cold, I knew I’d be locked into whatever nature brought. Normally, if one day doesn’t look good, I can shift by a day. This way, it was Friday or bust.

When Friday first appeared on the ten day forecast, it looked decent. Cold, but decent, with highs forecast in the low 20’s. Then, as each day passed, the forecast high got lower and lower. Twenty. Then eighteen, then fifteen, then thirteen degrees. As the forecast temperature dropped, warnings of high winds started to creep in.

By the time it was Thursday, the forecast was for 14 degrees Fahrenheit with sustained winds of 15 mph and gusts to 25 mph. The one thing keeping from losing my mind even before heading out the door was the forecast for bright sunshine.


just plain cold

When I walked out the door Friday at noon, it was 9 degrees. I had resisted the temptation to put on too many layers (which, in a perverse way, can actually make you colder when running outdoors–it’s a fine line), though I switched out to a warmer hat, slipped hand warmers into my gloves, and covered my exposed face in vaseline. I filled my hydration pack and planned to drink every two minutes or so to keep it from freezing.

The preventing of my hydration from freezing was an epic failure, as the tube went solid two miles into the run.

Just about everything else was amazing.

Not that I wasn’t cold, that the story in my mind was worse than reality. In fact, the high temperature ended up being 11 degrees. It was, as my son would say, epic cold. Heading south down the east side of lake Whitehall, the wind, roaring out of the west, had nothing to impede it as it came across the lake. I felt a long way from home.

But there was something about it, too, that felt quite real, like I wasn’t separated at all from the world. The cold was perfectly present, and I was moving through it, experiencing it completely.

When I got home a little more than three hours later, my wife had a cup of hot coffee just ground and brewed. It was an amazing gift. I sipped it slowly as my face began to tingle.

Weeks Ten and Eleven: It was really all about that one run. The other thing of any note was that, on the previous weekend, I ran a 13 miler followed by a 10, a low-level try at a B2B. It felt great; I’m looking forward to a more substantial one to come.

Screenshot 2015-02-27 20.44.30

Eats & Drinks: It was tough having nothing to drink on the 21 miler, cold as it was. Other than confirming that, I stuck with Honey Stinger gels…and probably will.

Milestones: (all post-April 2011 hip surgery)

  • Highest mileage week: 47.4 miles
  • Longest single run: 21.2 miles
  • Fastest pace for a 12+ mile run: 8:36 min/mile
  • No, this wasn’t my coldest run…only my coldest/longest…

Next Week’s Targets: A low intensity week. Running when it feels good, with a long of 14 and total mileage in the thirties.