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Friday Rest Day

I have had different sorts of relationships with rest days over the years.

In my mid-twenties I ran with a group for long runs on Saturday mornings. I was running six days a week at the time, which meant I typically took my one and only rest day of the week on Sundays. That was a good relationship. I enjoyed the time with friends, and often (being in my mid-twenties as I was) I would have been out late on Saturday night, so it was a good day to set aside for, well, just about nothing. Continue reading

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Sunday Long: Summer Air & Autumn Light

The fact that I look forward all week to my Sunday long run probably puts me in the very select company of a few hundred thousand endurance junkies.

This past Sunday’s was actually fairly short. Sure, it was the longest run of the week, but not long enough that I actually put it into my training log as a “long run.” I managed to keep my commitment to take it quasi-slowly in my new Newton shoes, and went out for a little over 8 miles. With a 5k coming this weekend, it also seemed like a good idea to take it relatively easy. I managed to enjoy it anyway. Continue reading


Happy Birthday. Run Slow.

Last Sunday was my birthday. Forty-two years old. That makes forty-one years of running. To celebrate, I ran a nice, slow twelve miles.

Truth be told, it didn’t feel as “nice” as I would have liked. If I were really celebrating, I would have gone faster.

But I’m committed to going slower most of the time so that I can stay healthy. And so I can eventually go faster – a seeming contradiction that kept me from running slowly the last twenty years. Continue reading


Gotta Be The Shoes

I can remember almost every pair of shoes I have run in. It would be a fairly boring blog post to list them all, tempted as I am.

More important than listing them is how I feel about them – I’m pretty bitterly disappointed with most of them. That’s not fair to the shoes, really. I blame the folks that recommended them to me.

I’m disappointed because, after all these years, I wonder if many of my injuries were avoidable, if at least some of my problems have been caused by my shoes. All because people were trying to fix my problems with shoes. Continue reading

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Still Running Long

Still Running Long is aspirational.

Growing up, I loved to run, through the back field with one of our dogs, around in circles through the first floor of our house, or with my Dad wherever he would go. I got involved in organized sports when I was ten, playing soccer and baseball. For a long time, most of my running was on the soccer field, and then on the rugby field in college. I picked up my first injuries, too, on those fields. Continue reading