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Training Update: Week Nine

Week Nine. Or, the week I broke down. No, not physically. My body is fine, taking on the miles better than I could have possibly imagined.

I ran on a treadmill.

joined a gym and ran on a treadmill.

I began the winter confident that I could run through whatever might be thrown at me. It felt like part of the adventure, braving the cold and the snow. But then it became a battle. It became an agitation. And it became downright dangerous.

For a few weeks, I had done okay by shifting a run here or there to accommodate a bad storm. I didn’t like it, because it threw me off my regular schedule. But, I thought, that’s part of it, right? Zen taught me a long time ago that there is very little (euphemism for nothing) that I am in control of, and the weather was just reaffirming that truth for me.

Yet I couldn’t quite sit with it–or run with it. During week nine, I looked at the snow piling up outside, the forecast of so much more and of below zero (fahrenheit) temperatures, and I broke down.

I wondered if I would feel somehow like less of a runner, like I had failed in some way. I managed, actually, to let go of that; it bothered me less than I had expected. I also worried that I simply wouldn’t enjoy those treadmill sessions the same way I do outdoor runs.

I could not have been more correct. It is awful.

And that’s Zen, too. Recognizing how I receive the experience, and not trying to correct that receiving. Just running in place, step after step.

Week Nine: The week began with ten miles of hills in Tuesday. We had just had some snow and so a fair amount of the ten miles was searching for bare patches on which to land my foot, but I enjoyed the day. In adding a couple of miles to my standard Tuesday hills, I added a few more hills and an extra 300 feet of vertical. I’d been waiting for this bump up in my training as I approached a new three week uptick in intensity and mileage, and was feeling like that phase was off to a good start.

Screenshot 2015-02-18 20.16.52

Wednesday was the usual five miles of recovery run, and then anxious eyes on the forecast. Thursday looked like snow, and indeed it was. This was the day I broke, signing up online for a not-quite-local-enough gym where I planned to head on Friday.

Friday came and I made the drive over. Knowing I had an 18 planned for Saturday, I did the math as I ran and knew I had to churn out about 7 on the treadmill to be on track for my weekly target. I hoped to enjoy it by listening to a little bit of music and focusing on the relative novelty of the experience. That ran out by mile three or so. So I covered the treadmill display with a towel and just kept going.

I don’t know why I find the experience so different, I said to my wife when I got home.

Well, she said, you’re just running in place.

But Saturday would be another day. I planned to head out relatively early, as I would have the kids on my own starting Saturday at noon, and 18 would take me a while. I headed out at 8:30 when the thermometer read about 9 degrees, and tackled the same 18 loop as I had two weeks before. It was a wonderful run. Even my heart rate monitor being on the fritz and giving me bad readings through the first seven miles couldn’t spoil it.

Two weeks earlier, there had been no snow on the ground. This time, there was probably three feet. I thought how remarkable it was, really, that the day before had been my first treadmill run in that span, and that here I was under a pale gray sky, breathing deep winter air.

Sunday recovery was back on the treadmill, since, well, it was snowing again and I had to run at 7:00 am to make our family schedule work. It sure didn’t compare to the outdoor 18. But tomorrow is a rest day, I thought as I put one foot in front of the other.

Eats & Drinks: I’ve really settled into Tailwind and Honey Stinger chews for the long runs. I can’t see why I would every drink anything else.

Milestones: (all post-April 2011 hip surgery)

  • Highest mileage week: 45.8 miles
  • Longest single run [tied]: 18.2 miles
  • Most elevation gain in a single run: 1,227 feet

Next Week’s Targets: Maintaining the mileage while introducing a mini back-to-back. Long runs have always been followed by a five-mile recovery run. In the next weekend, I’ll have a relative short long run on Saturday, then follow with a ten-mile recovery on Sunday.

P.S. I know I’m behind a week, but I try to write them like it was real time. Adds to the drama, you know…?